Thursday, 20 June 2013

Video Analysis - Iago Aspas

While the football season has mainly ended for the major leagues around Europe, I’ve decided to spend some time getting up to speed on the major analysis platforms used. I’ve used many of these before (Prozone, Sportscode, NACSport, Dartfish etc) but there are more and more coming onto the market (such as S20APP).


The first one I decided to look at is LongoMatch. This is a free piece of tagging software available for Mac & PC and while it is stripped down compared to a lot of more comprehensive models I have to say it’s excellent for the job it does. You can set teams, key indicators and you have up to 16 customisable tags which you can then mark against teams, players and time. It’s easy to use and although when I’ve used it previously it had a few teething problems (such as when you did something out of the order it expected the system would crash and you’d lose everything since your last save) that seems to have been fixed now and I didn’t come across any problems.


So the example I used, while only loosely what I would call analysis focussed on Iago Aspas, Liverpool’s new £7m signing from Celta Vigo (although this hasn't yet been completed it's expected to be in the next few days). I already had a game downloaded (Celta Vigo vs. Athletic Bilbao from 03/05/13) and setting the key indicators to match the key Statszone indicators from the iPhone app. Once I had gone through the game and tagged the relevant points it is easy to pull whichever ones you need to into a playlist and export this into an mp4 file. I then used iMovie to cut this into a presentation using some of the graphics from the Statszone app (this can be done in LongoMatch – I just found this easier to do in iMovie, just personal preference)


Just to clarify, I’d consider this to be the very tip of analysis, it’s only 1 game and anybody can look good in isolation and although the graphics help with some context it is pretty standalone. With more games however, LongoMatch can be used to build up a library which allows for much more comprehensive video analysis over a season.

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