Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Performance Analysis Blogs of the Week - 23/08/2012 - 04/09/2012

The best blogs from the last couple of weeks in Performance Analysis.

Prozone take a look at how form translates from the Championship to the Premier League after the success stories of Norwich, QPR & Swansea (follow @ProzoneSports)

The Guardian post some interesting visuals on the recent MCFCAnalytics data release (follow @GuardianData)

A humurous look at the potential future of Performance Analysis by the Tomkins Times (thanks to @AnalyseSport for pointing this article out)

11Tegen11 look at the potential problems with football analytics (follow @11tegen11)

Professor Pepper's Assistant looks at the MCFC data and how the number of passes per game affect how many passes your opponent does (follow @MarchiMax)

Mark Taylor's Power of Goals blog looks at discipline and how the MCFC dataset can be used to predict the number of fouls before a booking (follow @MarkTaylor0)

Great painstaking work by Ben Mayhew at Experimental 361 looking at where the goals were scored from in the football league. Definitely deserves a look. (follow @experimental361)

Some analysis using MCFC data on which goalkeepers England should have chosen for Euro 2012 based on 2011/12 form (Thanks again to 11tegen11 for the link)

The excellent Ravi Ramineni takes his first look at the MCFC data and how final 1/3 entries relate to goals (follow @analyseFooty)

And more from Ravi giving a summary of the MCFC dataset and thanking Gavin Fleig, something I'd also like to do here. Thanks for opening doors for analysts everywhere Gavin!

I'll hopefully have some of my own stuff up soon, I've recently started a new job as Head of Performance Analysis at Coventry City Ladies which has taken up a lot of my weekends but I've had a week off work this week so been able to type up some of the ideas that have been going round in my head for the last few weeks!!