Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Performance Analysis Blogs of The Week (17/07/12 - 24/07/12)

Every week, via Twitter I see a vast number of Performance Analysis blogs which deserve every chance they can get to be read by as wide an audience as possible.

Since starting my blog I had the idea to include links to the best of these in a post each week so that people had every chance to view them. I've since seen a couple of other blogs which do something similar by I'm going to do this anyway, at least then it gives me something to refer back to if I ever need to!

James Grayson's excellent blog post about the correlation of Total Shot Ratio to success (tweeted via @OptaPro)

The always excellent Power Of Goals blog by Mark Taylor looks at an example of Arsenal's shot comparison when taking stronger and weaker feet into account (follow Mark at @MarkTaylor0)

From the Performance Analysis in Sport Twitter feed, a link to Chris Anderson's Soccer by The Numbers blogpost looking at Height discrimination when referees award fouls (tweeted by @Perf_Sport)

Some developments in American Football about the use of the iPad in the modern game, will probably be the next step in football, a lot of clubs already using this (Thanks to New York Red Bulls Performance Analyst Dave Lee for the link to this one, follow him @davelee_NY)

Richard Whittall's State of Analytics blog looks at the recent buzz that crosses aren't an effective way to score goals (follow Richard @RWhittall)

And following on from that, a post on the EPL Index about the statistics behind how many crosses it takes to score a goal (Thanks to Simon Kuper for this link - follow Simon @KuperSimon)

New research into penalty shoot outs for International teams produced by Alex Bryson (Thanks again to Simon Kuper for the link)

Not so much a blog but very interesting news about the new Adidias MiCoach tech and how it will be pioneered in the MLS (Thanks to Simon Banouby for the link - follow Simon @Banouby)

More on MiCoach from We Ain't Got No History and how it might not be the analysts dream that it is made out to be (tweeted by Carefree Chronicles - @CareFreeChronic)

Ford Bohrmann's Soccer Statistically blog looks at how Twitter measures Transfer Rumours (follow Ford @SoccerStatistic)

Some excellent mini posts on Paul Riley's differentgame blogsite, the most recent of which looks at the decline of the Arsenal back 4 (follow Paul @footballfactman)

Excellent work on Ben Pugsley's Bitter & Blue website looking at how possession ultimately played a factor in Manchester City winning the Premier League title (follow Ben at @benjaminpugsley)

And finally, more from Mark Taylor's Power of Goals about how venue affects shooting accuracy

That's all for this week, I hope this has been useful

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